The Busy Mami

Hi Guys! I am Alejandra also known as The Busy Mami, a lot of you might know me for cooking, and it’s a HUGE passion of mine. I have been working over the last few years to perfect my seasonings and I decided to jar them for you this year!

Spices can be shipped or you can have a pick up on Friday at DI.
– Busy Mami Adobo Seasoning (All Purpose Seasoning for Chicken, Steak, fish, veggies, etc.)
– Busy Mami Sazón (this is great for red rice, meats, and veggies as well)
– Taco Seasoning ( you add this to your taco meat, and add a little water (or better some beer) and it will thicken up a bit and be delicious and ready for you to enjoy!

You Zoom a lot? I also have a funny shirt for you to wear to remind people they are on Mute 😉

Contact: Alejandra Phillips

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