Mike Lauf Woodworks

For as long as I can remember I’ve been into woodworking, but it wasn’t until COVID slowed down all of our lives where I was left sitting on my couch after work thinking, “You really gotta get up off this couch, Mike.” So I opened an Etsy shop and started making charcuterie boards and cuttings boards. And because my creativity only goes so far, I called it Mike Lauf Woodworks.

I personally hand-select all of the wood that I use and build each board by hand. Every board is truly unique – from the cutting, to the planing, sanding, and oiling process, I take pride in all of the boards that I make and love seeing them go to good homes! All of my boards are finished with natural, food-safe products. And while the listings on Etsy are boards that I’ve finished, I’m always happy to take on a custom order!

I’m also so happy to announce my recent partnership with OneTreePlanted.org. I love the boards I’m making but let’s be real, they don’t do a whole lot to help the environment. One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation and starting now, EVERY board sold will plant a tree.

Take a look around my Etsy shop, or feel free to peek at the behind the scenes building process on my Instagram account – @mikelauf

Contact: Mike Lauf

Email: mikelaufwoodworks@gmail.com


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