Kidd's Pop Shop

Kidd’s Pop Shop is a family-owned business located in Cape Girardeau, MO. We hand-craft many different flavors of delicious, fresh, gourmet popcorn and are dedicated to bringing the best in quality.

We start with large non-GMO, gluten-free kernels popped in coconut oil and add real ingredients like brown sugar, creamy butter, and chocolate morsels. The end result is a truly satisfying, indulgent treat.

Our Mission: To provide the freshest, most delicious popcorn possible by:

-Choosing a healthier, more delicious 100% non-GMO corn.
-Using real ingredients like brown sugar, butter, and chocolate.
-Only packaging our popcorn once it is purchased, which keeps it fresh and maximizes flavor.

Our gourmet popcorn is available in the continental U.S. via mail order and Kidd’s Pop Shop stores in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Contact: Lyndsey Kidd

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